Testimonials & Gallery of Students

These are a selecton of students receiving their Certificates after taking exams. Please take a look at the Tabs on the left to see pictures of students over the past few years receiving their certificates.


I am very proud to show these students because they demonstrate that passing exams is so rewarding when you have the correct tuition. These pictures should dispel any mis-information you may receive that achieving progress through exams takes a long time. Most of these students take exams at 8-12 month intervals and they have worked hard developing their ability and have become superb muscians.


Taking a Trinity College Examination is an independant way of ensuring you are receiving high quality tuition (at a great value for money). The examinations enable students to have eligible qualifications to enter University or Music schools such as Trinity London and the Royal School of Music so are set at high standards. The marking schemes are:


Distinction 87%

Merit          75%

Pass          60%



2023 Trinity College Exam Results

Great to see my students taking their Trinity exams and now moving to their next levels. Below we have them with their exam result sheets and certificates

Performance Videos from students

Lucas performing his Grade 5 song Country Etude from the 2020-2023 Trinity College London Syllabus

Tom Performing his Grade Four pieces 2021 with kind permission of his parents. 


Grade Four Trinity College London 2020-2023 Bossa Nova Breeze

Grade Four Trinity College London 2020-2023 Andante

Grade Four Trinity College London 2020-2023 Gavotte

Tom performing his Grade Three Trinity College Pieces 2020-2023 syllabus. Kind Permission by Tom's parents.

Lucas performing his Grade Four Trinity College Pieces 2020-2023 syllabus. Kind Permission by Lucas' parents.

Video of Aleksandra performing her Grade 6 piece Tiempo de Zamba. Trinity  College Grade Six . Kind permission given by parents.

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