Jonathan just received his mark for the Grade 3 exam he took in July 2016 and scored 94% Distinction mark.



November 16. Alex showing his Grade 3 Guitar Distinction Pass only several months after attaining his Grade 2 Distinction Pass. Well done Alex.

June 2016. Aaron (aged 9) proudly showing his Grade One Guitar Merit Pass Certificate scoring 84%. This follows hot on the heels of his Initial Grade Distinction Pass in October 2015 when he scored 94%. 

Can receiving his Grade Three Merit Guitar Certificate only 8 months after receiving his Grade Two Merit Pass (just a day after his 10th Birthday) . Well done Can.

June 2016. Josh with his Grade 3 Bass Guitar Merit Certificate.  Well done Josh.

October 2016. Here is Theo aged 7 with his Inital grade Metrit Pass report sheet. Theo has been the youngest student I have taught starting at the age of Six and 9 months. After starting with Guitarist Way and then moving to the Inital Grade he scored and impressive 79% after just 9 months tuition.

February 2016

Alex receiving his Grade 2 Guitar Certificate. Alex scored 89% Distinction mark and is very happy!

Fin at the age of 10 receiving his Grade 2 Guitar Certificate Merit Pass level. Well done Fin.

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